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Anders Selander


Name      Anders Selander
Born      January 2nd, 1974
Citizenship      Swedish
Marital Status      Married (with kids)
Smoker      No
Sign      Capricorn
Drivers License      Yes

Qualifications Summary


April 2009 - present
Senior Infrastructure Engineer
Kindred Group (Unibet), Stockholm, Sweden
Occasionally stand-in Team Lead for the Infrastructure Team. Converted a non-trivial F5 BigIP load-balancer set-up in front of very stateful applications to an Nginx set-up with both custom health checks and memoryless stickiness. Led general reviews of our current and possible future external CDN, DNS, and SSL certificate vendors as well as the consequential contract acquisitions, re-negotiations, and cancellations and the thereby necessitated service migrations. Am increasingly versed in the Pre-study, Design, (POC,) Project Plan, Business Case, Project Execution, and Hand-over to Operations cycle (I realise that different companies associate different content to these labels, but the general principle must be the same). By know well experienced in dealing day-to-day with our Indian Offshore Operations Team. Responsible for coordinating the load-balancer and storage teams efforts within the Full Platform Roll-out project. Both called upon to mitigate blocks of our sites as well as manifest blocks when it is in our interest. Primary responsible for operating and maintaining the multi-site- spanning Hitachi SAN including disaster recovery replication (VSP, USP-VM, HUS-VM, HUS-1*0:es, AMS2*00es, Cisco and Brocade SAN-switches), test and production environment load-balancers (F5 Viprion and BigIP, Nginx, HAProxy), third party Content Delivery Network set-ups (Akamai, Limelight, CDNetworks) and managing SSL certificates. Secondary responsible for maintaining the Solaris and Linux servers - both physical and virtual (VMWare, Proxmox/kvm), maintaining the DNSes, etc.

June 2008 - April 2009
Systems Administrator
Diino AB, Stockholm, Sweden
Operating, monitoring, and maintaining Unix and Linux systems, databases, networks, storage infrastructure, and high-availability solutions. Involved in the ever ongoing development, refinement, and optimization of the integrated infrastructure. Regularly providing on-call, out-of-hours emergency cover of all systems. Task owner of the monitoring of the new system and disaster recovery backups of both the new and the legacy systems.

Aug 2001 - June 2008
Programmer, Systems Engineer, Systems Manager
Royal Institute of Technology, Centre of Parallel Computing, Stockholm, Sweden
Responsible for the hard- and software infrastructure for the fifth International Summer School on Grid Computing, which PDC hosted at the Red Cross Centre in Mariefred in July 2007. Deputy Manager and Support Expert of the Regional Operational Centre for Northern Europe (Nordic, Baltic, and BeNeLux countries) within the European EGEE grid project. System manager of the local EGEE/LCG grid-cluster. Regularly responsible, a week at a time, for the handling of all to PDC incoming user support requests (creating accounts, debugging faulty programs, installing software, monitoring schedulers and clusters, etc). Involved in the preparation and execution of the PDC Progress Report, User Conference, and Summer School. Performed a feasibility study for the Swedish National Defence College regarding the porting of one of their simulation softwares from MacOS to Microsoft Windows. Maintained DB2 and RasDaMan databases of brain scans. Implemented, using ODBC and CORBA, a database interface enabling client applications to be written in C, Java, Perl, and Ruby. Designed a web-interface for use of the database. Re-targeted the web-interface to the later deployed PostgreSQL database. Etc.

Oct 2000 - Jul 2001
Open Systems Consultant
Raditex AB, Nacka, Sweden
Consultant and Course Instructor in Open Systems.

Mar 2001 - Jun 2001
Ericsson Telecom AB, Stockholm, Sweden
Recreated, pinpointed, and remedied reported faults within the Erlang parts of the ENGINE Access Ramp system.
Nov 2000 - Feb 2001
Ascom-Tateco, Gothenburg, Sweden
Customised a solution, based on Ascom's embedded Linux system for communication with DECT telephones and pagers, for one of Ascom's customers.
Course Instructing:
Nov 2000
Volvo, Gothenburg, Sweden
Held a course in introductory C-programming.

Feb 2000 - Sep 2000
Technical Developer
Virtutech AB, Stockholm, Sweden
Renovated two corporate websites, i.e., given a design layout and the texts, formed maintainable, CVS:ed, SSI:ed hierarchies of valid HTML 4.0 and Perl CGI:s. Surveyed the markets of colour printers, network operators, portable video projectors, rented servers, and credit card processing over the Internet. All surveys but one were followed by closed deals. Integrated a third part credit card processing solution with the Virtutech web store and wrote the backend for automatic logging and error handling of received orders, and on-the-fly generation and email delivery of purchased licenses to web shoppers. Etc.

Aug 1999 - Jan 2000
Master's Project Worker
Ericsson Utvecklings AB, Älvsjö, Sweden
Investigated and implemented optimizations such as function inlining in the compiler of the Erlang programming language.

Jun 1997 - Jul 1999
Teaching Assistant
Umeå University, Department of Computing Science, Umeå, Sweden
Tutored students and graded exercises in the courses Programming Methodology (Programmeringsmetodik A, 8p), Computer Science (Datavetenskap A, 20p), Programming Language Concepts (Programspråksteori B, 5p), Object Oriented Software (Objektorienterad programvaruutveckling C, 5p), and Operating Systems (Operativsystem C, 5p). Wrote the tutorial used in introductory courses, covering C-programming in the specific UNIX programming environment at the department. Has numerous times presented the educational programmes given by the department, and how it is to study in Umeå, to potential students, student counsellors and others.

Aug 1995 - Aug 1996
Administrative head
fikum, the Natural Science and Engineering Student's Restaurant, Umeå, Sweden
Supervised three full-time employees and many student extras, administered the business as it reached almost two millions SEK in sales.


April 2011 - May 2012
Chairman of the Executive Board of Rickebygaragens samfällighetsförening - the Society for the management of the common facilities (garages, parking lot, drain pipes, green areas, etc) of the 18 chain-houses of which we live in one. (Resigned when we moved to a free-standing house.)

May 2005 - January 2008
Member of the Executive Board of my Co-operative Building Society (bostadsrättsförening), Brf Barrträdet (192 apartments). Responsible for the electronic reservation system for the laundry rooms, tanning bed, Sauna, and "hotel room". Handling the procurement of a fiber-optic network to our buildings (in-house LAN).

Oct 2001 -
Participated as proofreader and chapter maintainer in the international co-operative effort to produce an English translation of "Développement d'applications avec Objective Caml" ("Developing Applications With Objective Caml") by Chailloux, Manoury, and Pagano, published by O'Reilly France in 2000.


Aug 1993 - Jan 2000
Master's programme in Computing Science and Engineering, Umeå University, Umeå, Sweden (civilingenjörsprogrammet i teknisk datavetenskap). Majoring in Software Engineering. Minoring in Parallel Computing. Only one Master's Thesis Project report short of a degree.

Aug 1990 - Jun 1993
Senior Secondary School, Östra gymnasiet, Umeå, Sweden. Course Programme: Natural Sciences, profiling in Computer Orientation.

Language Proficiency

Swedish (native), English (fluent), German (intermediate, but always improving thanks to my German wife).


Play with the kids, reading books (alternating fiction with non-fiction), exercise for health, juggle, cook, travel, and visit historical sights.

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